Constituent Testimonials

Our team has helped Coloradans secure veterans benefits, receive Social Security checks, and get health care. If you need assistance navigating a federal process, don't hesitate to reach out. We can assist you with processes for veterans benefits, Social Security, immigration issue and visas, Medicare, Medicaid, federal student loans and more. More information and a form to begin the process is available here.

Nikki in Aurora

“I am disabled and have no source of income and my disability case was pending. I was about to be homeless by the end of the year. Due  to a weak immune system I can’t go to shelters and sleeping in my car was not an option because I am on an Oxygen Life Support Machine. My lawyer kept telling me there is nothing he can do and I should wait. My landlord is nice however there is a limit to what she can do for me. I have not paid rent since June 2020 and she had me sign an agreement that if I don’t pay by the end of the year I’ll have to be evicted. I sent a letter explaining my situation to several state representatives in the House and Senate and Governor but the only one who responded was Congressman Jason Crow’s staffer, Emma. She emailed me in less than a week and I heard from SSA a few days after her first contact notifying me of a medical review appointment regarding my disability case. The doctor told me that he will send a report confirming my disability and I should hear from SSA within 6 weeks. Meanwhile Emma kept sending me emails updating the situation and asking me to let her know if I hear anything back or if I have any questions. I am positive if I have not been helped by Congressman Jason Crow and his staffer Emma, I would be homeless. Congressman Jason Crow and dear Emma Norman, please accept my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for everything you have done for me.”

Miki from Centennial

“I had filed for my 2019 tax refund on March 19, 2020. By November 12, 2020 I had yet to receive my refund. I did everything I could to contact the IRS. At first, due to Covid ,the IRS shut down their offices. Once the offices opened back up I must have contacted and spoken to NUMEROUS IRS agents who said they would do something but nothing was done . My accountant also got involved with the IRS, but was also unable to find or get my refund. I am a widow and this was a significant refund! The world was a scary place and I was scared and feeling isolated with no help in sight. Desperate, I contacted my Congressman, Jason Crow's, office. A couple of weeks later, I was contacted through email by Emma Norman, Constituent Advocate under Jason Crow. She asked me to sign a form giving her authorization to look into this. Maybe a week and a half to two weeks later I received my refund. I actually cried for the fact that I had just learned that I wasn't alone in this long emotional fight to get what was mine. I am so appreciative to Congressman Crow, and Emma Norman for taking up my cause. This is the very first time in my 62 years of life I have ever enlisted the help of a politician. I would Love to meet both Congressman Crow and Emma Norman in person with a baked good to personally thank them!

William from Englewood

“Rep. Crow's office helped us resolve a long-standing Social Security retirement benefits issue. It took almost 18 months to resolve, but it was done to our satisfaction. We made no progress dealing directly with the SSA and turned to Rep. Crow's office for help. It was much appreciated.”

Dustin from Aurora

“I contacted Jason Crow’s office requesting help getting out of the Navy’s Delayed Entry Program so I can pursue a more positive career in the United States Marine Corps. After countless attempts to get my Navy recruiter to release me, I contacted Jason Crow’s office, where I was greeted with Ms. Amador, a Marine Corps Vet, who had also dealt with a similar situation herself. She was very adamant about getting this done for me, and if it wasn’t for Ms. Amador and Jason Crow’s office, I wouldn’t have been able to get a job I wanted in the Marine Corps!"

Paige from Littleton

I needed a copy of a complaint that I had submitted to a federal agency over two years ago for a matter that was extremely important to me. I had been trying to reach the federal agency for weeks, but no one would answer the phone, and the voicemail box was full. I saw on Congressman Crow's website that as a constituent, I could request help with a federal agency. I figured it was grasping at straws, and that an Impeachment Manager Congressman would never have time for my problems, especially during the pandemic and economic crisis. Not so. Within a couple of weeks of asking for help, I received a call from Aly at Congressman Crow's office. She listened to my problem, did some further research, and sent paperwork for me to complete so that she could pursue the request on my behalf. She communicated with me each and every step of the way, and was so empathetic, respectful, and helpful. Within a few more weeks, I had the paperwork I needed! I had been unsure if getting it would even be possible. I'm still amazed at the level of service I received. I am so, so, so overwhelmingly thankful for Aly and the help I received from Congressman Crow's office.

Henry from Greenwood Village

Rep. Crow, I just wanted to let you know what an outstanding staff member you have with Veronica Shotts. She was responsive, cooperative, diligent, patient, effective and ultimately successful with regard to an issue I had with the IRS.I had made several inquiries to that Federal agency about the status of an appeal that was originally filed in June of 2019 with delayed, confusing, contradictory and/or ineffectual results. I initially spoke with Ms. Shotts at a district community meeting (pre-pandemic) where she recalled the email I sent to your address and told me she would work to resolve the matter. I explained to her at the time that it wasn't so much a matter of the amount but rather, the fact the the IRS was not being cooperative in any manner with regard to the matter. I was very frustrated that that Federal Department is very efficient when taxes are owed but seemingly cannot be bothered when there is a dispute in which the taxpayer may be eligible for a reimbursement. Thanks again to Ms. Shotts and to you for your outstanding representation of the Congressional District in which I live. I was proud to have you as my Congressman as an impeachment manager during the Senate hearings. My ballot is in and I have again voted for you. Good Luck !

Justin from Centennial 

I recently retired from the military after over 23 years of service and relocated to the Denver area. Shortly before my retirement, I encountered some pay discrepancies; requesting assistance through my commanding officer and other official military channels was completely unsuccessful. I contacted Representative Jason Crow’s office to seek assistance with the matter. One of his staff members contacted me right away and kept me updated during the process. One morning I received a phone call from her, she let me know that the merits of my case prompted a reversal of opinion and that I would receive payment for the error. She also stated that because of my question the service branch has update their pay regulations to ensure the same error does not happen to another military member in the future. I was very excited and pleased with the assistance I received from Representative Jason Crow’s office.

Adrienne from Aurora

I was unable to get assistance from the IRS regarding a tax issue. After contacting Jason Crow I was contacted by Emma N. [at Rep. Crow's office] and she was able to help me greatly. She immediately got in contact with a tax advocate (which I had tried 3x) and got my issue resolved in a short timeframe. Without the assistance of this office I do believe I would still be dealing with the tax issue.

Bonnie from Littleton

My daughter is getting married in Mexico in September and my passport needed to be renewed. The staff at Jason Crow's office were wonderful in helping me renew my passport which was in "In Process" for a long time due to covid19. I think if more people new the additional service's our representative's had that can make certain things in government move along swiftly they would reach out for this help. I am thrilled with the response time and conclusion of my request to Jason Crow's office. Sincerely Thank You!

Matt from Denver-metro

My name is Matthew Sornberger. I am a medically retired 100% disabled, Air Force veteran. I contacted Congressman Jason Crow's office, after my wife did not receive an EIB payment.

Emily Amador, went right to work on our case. She took the necessary time to research the problem and propose a solution, very quickly. My wife got her EIB payment and we couldn't be happier. Emily A [at Rep. Crow's office], brings great credit upon Congressman Jason Crow's office, the State of Colorado and herself. It's important for me to note. Both Emily and Congressman Crow are veterans. They took great care of me and my wife. They're both are committed to veteran's issues, and should be commended for doing so.

USAF SF medically retired TSGT

Tiffany from Aurora

I reached out to Congressman Crow and his staff after I found out some very unsettling news from the VA. You see I’m a female disabled combat veteran and since being medically retired I have worked with other veterans to navigate higher education to maximize their professional careers. I was working with a student veteran at the SVA NATCON ’20 at L.A. Live when a VBA employee examined my records and discovered that since exiting the military four years’ prior, my compensation was not including my husband, biological, and step-child. I was being shorted hundreds of dollars each month for the last four years. I filed my claim, knowing that I had submitted birth and marriage certificates and thinking that with my honorable past the VA would serve me honorably. After months of radio silence and not being able to get any assistance from the VA I quickly learned why. My back-pay for my three depends would be thousands of dollars. After contacting Congressman Crow’s office, the VA called me to discuss my claim. What I was told left me shocked and angered. I was told that although I had provided them with proper birth and marriage certificates, I had not completed the proper form and therefore I was not entitled to back-pay. I fought back, and requested that they look again because if I was told to complete a form I do it. Upon further investigation they found the “proper” form for my biological son that was completed a year prior to my Retirement Date as part of my MEB package and I would only be receiving compensation for him for the last four years. Again, I fought back. They had confirmed that I had given them my marriage certificate to my husband and birth certificate for my step-daughter. I had documentation that they were in Deers. I had received benefits under VA VR&E with extra compensation as a direct result of them being my dependents. I was told, the systems do not talk to each other. I was told I did not complete the proper form. I do not work for the VA. I am not their employee and I do not receive training on their hundreds of forms needed. Where is the accountability? Why am I financially penalized for turning in my paperwork properly and an employee negligence in handling that document? I am reasonable person, if I had not turned in the marriage certificate for husband then absolutely then this would be on me. However, I did. Did this mistake is on the VA and their repeated behavior of blaming the veteran and victimizing the veteran has to stop. I am grateful that Congressman Crow was able to help get me my compensation for my son, I only wish that his and Congress’ hands were not tied in holding the VA accountable.

Barbara from Centennial 

I wish to thank Congressman Jason and staff for coming to my rescue. My father, Lawrence M. Sierocuk, was a decorated WWII veteran. When assembling his medals, two Bronze Stars, a Purple Heart, and Campaign Medals, for a display to honor my father’s heroism, I noticed I was missing a Bronze Star. Trying to navigate the VA website was confusing and difficult. When I attended one of Congressman’s Crow town hall meetings, I asked for help. Aly [from the Congressman’s office] sent me the VA documents I needed to replace the lost medal. In just a month, the missing Bronze Star arrived. Aly delivered it and made me cry. I thought I would never see that medal again. Both Congressman Crow and his staff are remarkable. They responded immediately to help me make the memorial for my father possible. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated their efforts. We are so lucky to have such caring people representing us in the 6th Congressional District of Colorado.

Ranjushree from Greenwood Village

Kevin [on Rep Crow’s staff] is an awesome person and down to earth. Without meeting him once, just one phone call, he understood my pain and contacted [the right] person & team to address my concern. Thanks for all his help.

Ozlem from Aurora

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Jason Crow, Kevin, and the entire office for their help in getting my husband, Ismail, to the United States. For some reason, USCIS [U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] couldn’t locate our application after I-797 approval to send to the NVC [National Visas Center] and the NVC didn’t receive the application from USCIS for over 4 months after approval.

Kevin listened to my concerns, even brought me tissues when I had an emotional breakdown because the process. Kevin and team were compassionate, caring and listened to my concerns and I could tell they really wanted to help me.

Kevin helped investigate and reached out to the powers that be and was in great communication with me through this entire process. With the help of Jason Crow’s office, NVC received the “lost application” and processed my husband’s interview. Kevin following up and checking in helped move this along and I am forever grateful. My husband just entered the United States last week, just in time for the holidays.

I have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and Jason Crow, Kevin, and his team are certainly on the list.

Neb from Aurora

Colorado District 6 Congressman Jason Crow’s Aurora office is truly the people’s house and the friendly staff are incredible public servants who are doing an extraordinary job in advocating for constituents. Congressman Crow’s thoughtful leadership and his staff’s exceptional commitment to constituent services are so very much appreciated by communities throughout CD-6, particularly in marginalized communities in Aurora that otherwise would have no voice or visibility.

As a community organizer and advocate in the Ethiopian-American community, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Aurora District office staff and first-hand witness the exemplary work and commitment to supporting our communities. Most recently, we had the privilege of working with senior staff on a request for our church for a non-immigrant visa request to bring a guest clergy from Ethiopia to participate in a local gospel conference. We were impressed by the responsiveness and the amount of time senior staff invested to study the case and collect and validate all the necessary documentation and advocate with the State Department on our behalf. With their help, guidance, and advocacy our guest clergy was able to get a non-immigrant visa to visit Colorado; reversing five previous denials. Our church and community are sincerely grateful for the Congressman Crow and his exemplary staff.

Congressman Crow and his staff are leading locally. Our communities have also greatly benefited from the job fair opportunities, workshops, mobile hours, and the “Crow on Your Corner” informal town-halls that are hosted at the community coffee shops. Congressman Crow and his senior staff have truly become a part of our community; always working for us, with us, and standing by our communities during good times and bad times. Whether it is during times of celebrations like festivals or times of mournings like candle-light vigils, it is common to see Congressman Crow and/or his senior staff stand by our communities. We are thankful to have a representative that not only cares, but walks the walk.

Asha from Aurora

We run a small clinic in the district, thanks to community support, and we are proud to help so many patients and often we have patients coming from across the counties!

We are always blessed to have state and US representatives helping us improve the access to health care.

In 2019, when our patients faced access issues due to sudden [federal] changes in the policy, we contacted Rep. Jason Crow.

We were humbled by his efforts to keep our clinic open! He made phone calls and wrote letters of support to point out how delayed approvals to the continuation of the clinic hurt our community. The Department [Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment] concerned quickly approved the petition and our clinic will continue to provide accessible, affordable, and top quality healthcare to all of the community.

Rep. Jason Crow has staffed his office with very responsible staff. Madeline was quick to get key people informed. Veronica was quick to get help from the Washington, DC office. Representative Crow made sure our petitions were approved and clinic continued to make a difference.

As a physician, I feel obligated to rededicate myself to the community Rep. Jason Crow is building in Aurora. We thank Rep. Jason Crow on behalf of the close to 5,000 patients of our clinic.

Brenda from Aurora

I had been fighting the dept of edu because of old student loans that had been written off for several months. They were taking my social security. I contacted Rep. Crow’s office & within 6 weeks, I finally got the money stopped [from] coming out of my [Social Security] check & I got a refund for the money they had taken. If it wasn’t for his office, I’m sure it would have taken months.

Mavis from Aurora

I am a permanent resident who live here with my son. I really needed my husband to join us here (Colorado) so I filed 1130 petition which took over a year without hearing from USCIS. I kept talking to friends and one brought me to Jason Crow’s office and since then, they kept me informed as to what state my case has reached. I must confess I kept bothering Kevin and Horton through Emails and finally my case has moved forward. My case is now with the NVC and I hope my husband joins us soon.

I am so so grateful to Jason Crow’s office.

Cesar from Aurora

To Jason Crow and his team members,

We are writing to thank you for your incredible dedication and service in assisting couples with one being an immigrant in the process of obtaining a residency in the United States. The process is long and difficult with many tedious tasks, that when not done correctly, could lead to a rejection and/or delay in the process.

Following us reaching out to you requesting your assistance, we received our letter scheduling our interview to finalize the process. Having endured such undue hardship financially, emotionally, and mentally, we were finally relieved to have this news of nearing the end of this obstacle.

Knowing that there’s assistance and people that are willing to help you fight these battles and get to a better place in your life is such an incredible gift! We recommend Jason Crow and his team to anyone who is looking to expedite this process in order to get their life on track. It has certainly helped us!


Cody and Cesar

Maarten from Centennial

On behalf of my wife and kids, I need to thank Congressman Jason Crow for his support in bringing my wife back into the country after a mundane human error caused by USCIS. My young children were without their mother for 5 months as a result of a USCIS error. The office of the congressman helped us navigate the bureaucratic process and provided sound advice in dealing with USCIS. There was not much the Congressman office could directly do, however they followed up with USCIS to inquire where our case was and applied indirect pressure.

This entire ordeal was horrible for my young kids and myself. I had to be a single parent, I had to change from a full time employee to part time to attend to my children, support two households, I was on the verge of buying a small business, which fell through because as the SBA guarantor my part time wage was not sufficient to be approved for the loan. USCIS error impacted my family economically, financially, psychologically and professionally. The congressman’s office, in particular Kevin, understood my situation and supported us.