Representatives Jason Crow and Scott Franklin Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Address Missing, Lost, & Stolen Military Weapons

September 1, 2021
Press Release

Thousands of Military Weapons Have Gone Missing, Some Have Been Involved in Shootings, Robberies, and Gang Activity

WASHINGTON -- Representatives Jason Crow (CO-06) and Scott Franklin (FL-15), both members of the House Armed Services Committee, joined in introducing bipartisan legislation that will address missing, lost, and stolen military weapons. The Transparency in Reporting for an Accurate Count of Combat Equipment (TRACCE) Act directs the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to report annually on missing, lost, and stolen weapons, large amounts of ammunition, or explosive material from the Department of Defense. Stolen military weapons have been reportedly involved in shootings, robberies, and gang activity.

“American streets and neighborhoods are no place for military-grade weapons. Ensuring that the Department of Defense is tracking lost and stolen weapons is a matter of public safety,” said Congressman Jason Crow. “The TRACCE Act is a first step in accountability to track military weapons, ammunition, and explosives so we can ensure they’re not used to harm American citizens.”

“The American taxpayers provide our military with the finest weapons and equipment available in order to make sure our troops can accomplish their mission. In turn, taxpayers deserve to know that military officials are being good stewards of their investment,” said Congressman Scott Franklin. “By accounting for missing weapons and equipment, this bill will not only ensure military officials are acting as good stewards, but also prevent our military resources from falling into the wrong hands.”

Independent analysis by the Associated Press estimates that between 2010-2019, there were at least 1,179 missing military rifles, 694 missing military handguns, 74 missing military machine guns, and 70 missing military grenade and rocket launchers.

The TRACCE Act was considered as an en bloc amendment during the National Defense Authorization Act mark up in the House Armed Services Committee today. Passage out of committee is expected later tonight.

See the full text of the bill here.