Representative Jason Crow

Representing the 6th District of Colorado

Rep. Jason Crow Meets with Families Impacted by Shutdown

January 12, 2019
Press Release

Rep. Jason Crow today met with constituents to discuss the impact of the government shutdown. As of today, the shutdown is the longest closure in history with over 800,000 federal employees, including 20,000 in Colorado, either furloughed

or working without pay.

“Today is a dark day for America. As we enter the longest shutdown in our country’s history, we are faced with a leadership failure of the highest order. Our president made a mockery of the office and public service, courting dysfunction and chaos at the expense of people’s livelihoods,” said Rep. Crow. “Servant leadership requires listening first then leading and it is why I've spent the past week hearing from Coloradans who have been impacted by the shutdown. People are scared, frustrated, and angry - and rightfully so. We must reopen our government and end these political games."

Following the swearing in ceremonies on Thursday, Crow voted for - and the House of Representatives passed - two bills to reopen the government. Both bills were approved by Senate Republicans in the last legislative session. This week, Crow voted for legislation to reopen the Treasury Department and IRS to ensure Americans receive their tax refunds; reopen the Department of Agriculture and ensure full benefits for SNAP users; and fund our national park services, among other funding. Crow has joined with his colleagues in supporting legislation that would ensure furloughed employees receive back pay for the work they missed.

In addition to the roundtable, Congressman Crow hosted “Shutdown Office Hours” this past Wednesday encouraging constituents to call his office and share their stories. On Monday, he will be joining other Colorado U.S. Representatives for a press conference at Denver International Airport to discuss the shutdown.