Representative Jason Crow

Representing the 6th District of Colorado

With Rep. Crow's Leadership, House Passes Historic NDAA Increasing Transparency and Reasserting Congressional Oversight

July 12, 2019
Press Release

Crow’s bill to address national security threats posed by climate change passes House as part of defense bill 

NDAA includes amendment Crow co-led to prohibit military force against Iran without congressional approval 

WASHINGTON - Today Congressman Jason Crow voted for and the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2020. The defense bill includes multiple amendments, bills, and provisions that Crow secured during committee mark-up and the historic amendment he co-led that prohibits military force against Iran without congressional approval. 

In leading the bill’s passage, Crow spoke on the House floor last night advocating for the amendment to prohibit military force against Iran as well as Rep. Barbara Lee’s amendment to repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force, originally enacted to authorize U.S. force to overthrow the Iraqi regime under Saddam Hussein. 

“Fifteen years ago, I was a soldier in Afghanistan and felt the full weight of Congress’ decision about how to fund our military. To now serve in Congress and fight for our servicemembers is a privilege. This is a historic defense bill, one that will increase servicemembers’ pay, reassert Congress’ oversight role, honor the values of our country, and keep our nation safe,” said Crow. “I’m proud to fight for Colorado and our servicemembers in advancing America’s leadership in the world.” 

“In this era, where partisanship is the norm, the Democratic members of the Armed Services Committee have worked diligently to preserve our Committee’s long-standing tradition of bipartisanship, and the FY20 NDAA is a reflection of that tradition,” said House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith. “While this year’s NDAA contains bipartisan provisions, our new Democratic majority has had an undeniable impact on the contents of this bill. Thanks to the leadership of Jason Crow and other members of our excellent House Armed Services Committee, the bill passed today reflects our Democratic values, supports our troops, and provides for a strong national defense enterprise.”

Crow’s amendments, bills, and provisions passed as part of the NDAA include:


  • Military Installation Resilience Assuredness (MIRA) Act - A requirement that major military installations plan for climate change when drafting master plans by identifying vulnerabilities and plans to address them. In recent years, extreme weather events brought on by global warming have resulted in billions of dollars spent on base repairs, such as $3.6 billion for Camp Lejeune following Hurricane Florence, which has severely hindered military readiness.
  • SBA Cyber Awareness Act - The incorporation of the SBA Cyber Awareness Act, a bill Rep. Crow introduced that passed the Small Business Committee in May. This bill takes several important steps to strengthen the Small Business Administration's (SBA) cybersecurity to handle and report cyber threats that affect small businesses, including requiring the SBA to issue reports on cyber threats and attacks, and require information on technology infrastructure procured from Chinese, Russian, North Korean and Iranian-owned companies. Colorado is home to over 610,000 small businesses which employ over 1.1 million people.


  • Prohibiting use of military force against Iran without congressional approval - An amendment stating that Congress has not authorized the use of force against Iran and prohibiting federal funds from being used for any military force against Iran without congressional authorization. This amendment clarifies that neither the 2001 nor 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) permits military force against Iran.
  • Prohibiting support to forcibly separate families - An amendment prohibiting the Department of Defense from supporting the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to forcibly separate children from their parents. This provision ensures the Department of Defense will not be used in the Administration’s immoral immigration agenda.
  • Fair competition in space launch - A bipartisan effort with Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) to ensure fair competition for National Security Space Launch was agreed upon with Chairman Smith. This revision of the Chairman’s Mark was supported by United Launch Alliance (ULA), based in Centennial, and thousands of aerospace workers who are employed in and around the district.
  • Colorado National Guard and the Space Corps - An amendment included that would prevent Colorado National Guard and reserve personnel from being involuntarily transferred to the newly created Space Corps - protecting hundreds of jobs in Colorado.