Rep. Crow Joins Bipartisan Group of Veterans to Call on Administration to Stop the Removal of US Troops from Syria

October 14, 2019
Press Release

Below please find a statement from the For Country Caucus. Rep. Jason Crow is a member of the For Country Caucus, a bipartisan Congressional Caucus of 19 veterans who are dedicated to working together to moving America forward by finding areas of consensus and compromise.


“The Turkish offensive in Northeast Syria is a national security and humanitarian disaster. Innocent people trapped near the border are being killed, our relationship with the Kurds is being destroyed, and ISIS detainees are escaping to return to the battlefield. We call on the Administration to take steps to end Turkey’s aggression and immediately stop the removal of US troops from Syria. We should not retreat and abandon our Kurdish allies, who fought and died by our sides the last 8 years.”