Crow Statement on Republicans Electoral College Gambit

January 6, 2021
Press Release
Congressman Jason Crow (CO-06) released the statement below on Republicans’ electoral college challenge during today’s joint session of Congress:

“It’s no surprise that Donald Trump doesn’t respect Democracy or our Constitution. We have known that for a long time now. The blame now falls squarely on his enablers. The men and women who allow him to commit his abuses. The men and women who so easily turn their backs on their country either out of fear, or in the gross pursuit of power. 

“The corruption of one man pales in comparison to the dereliction of duty by members of Congress who know that Trump’s conspiracy theories and allegations are false, but lack the courage and conviction to speak truth to power. But the story of America is not a story of those who failed to sacrifice for the greater good. The story of America is about those who did. Those who stood up, cast aside self-interest and did the right thing at great personal cost. 

“It will take more than a new President on January 20 to solve our nation’s political and moral crisis. We will all need to resolve to move forward again, together, to find a path of healing and unity. I have seen too many of my fellow Americans sacrifice too much for our democracy for us to stop now.”