Crow Statement on Pentagon Sending Troops to Southern Border

January 29, 2019
Press Release

Below please find a statement from Representative Jason Crow (CO-06) following the news that the Pentagon is preparing to send several thousand additional active duty members to the southern border.

The report follows Crow’s hearing this morning on the House Armed Services Committee where he questioned the Department of Defense on their deployment to the southern border.

“Our military should never be used to advance a political agenda. Yet today we saw several thousand more troops deployed to the southern border, a decision driven by politicians and lacking a clear strategic plan from our national security leadership.

“I am concerned that our active duty military was deployed with an ill-defined mission that increasingly appears to shift to meet the White House’s narrative. Even more troubling, this deployment is seemingly at odds with testimony I just heard today from senior Department of Defense officials at today’s House Armed Services Committee hearing.”

“We need clear answers from the White House, from the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security regarding who is driving this mission. Those answers are paramount to making sure we are responsibly using our military and respecting the burden this places on our service members and their families.”

Below please find video from today’s House Armed Services full committee hearing on Department of Defense deployments to the border.