Crow Statement on First Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 at Aurora ICE Detention Facility

May 21, 2020
Press Release

Below please find a statement from Congressman Jason Crow on the confirmation of COVID-19 at the Aurora ICE Detention Facility. 


“The confirmation of positive coronavirus cases at the Aurora Contract Detention Facility is disturbing and we are closely monitoring the situation. As early as February 24, our office has been in communication with ICE and GEO officials about the risk of coronavirus and rapid disease spread at the facility. We will work relentlessly to advocate for the proper medical care for the sick detainees and for appropriate protective measures for all of the other detainees and staff at the facility to reduce risk of disease spread at the facility and our community as a whole.”


Since before the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Colorado, Crow has warned of the dangers of disease spread at immigration detention facilities. In early March, Crow called on ICE to grant humanitarian parole to all vulnerable individuals and those with non-violent immigration charges during the coronavirus outbreak. Following the arrival of 166 new detainees into the facility in late April, Crow called on ICE to halt the transfer of detainees to meet contract minimums during the COVID-19 outbreak. In the letter, Crow wrote “While they now meet the required number of detainees, one third of the population at this facility are new arrivals. These detainees present a significant risk of exposure to the existing population, staff, and surrounding community at the Aurora Contract Detention Facility. The movement and exposure of those brought in through enforcement and removal operations prior to their detention is unknown.” Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, Crow’s office has continued to conduct weekly oversight visits through electronic requests. 


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