Representative Jason Crow

Representing the 6th District of Colorado

Crow Statement on End of Senate Impeachment Trial

February 6, 2020
Press Release

Below please find a statement from Congressman Jason Crow reflecting on the outcoming of yesterday’s Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Mr. Crow, a freshmen member of Congress, served as one of the seven impeachment managers.

“For the last two weeks, we called on the Senate to perform their duty, to follow their oath, and do what is right for our country. 

“I don’t pretend that this was an easy process. It wasn’t designed to be easy. Impeachment of the President is one of the most difficult things our country can go through and it must always be the last course of action, never the first. 

“But the facts were clear, the evidence was overwhelming, and the truth paramount. The President used his office for his own political and personal gain, withholding critical foreign military assistance, and in doing so jeopardized our national security. 

“Our Founders recognized the failings of all people. So they designed a system to ensure that the ideas and principles contained in our Constitution would always be greater than any one person. It is the idea that no one is above the law. But our system only works if people stand up and fight for it, and fighting for something important always comes with a cost. The Senators who stood up and took the tough vote showed moral courage. It’s their example that reminds me there will always be people who are willing to fight for right because, in the words of Adam Schiff, right matters. 

“More than our words, our choices will show the world who we really are, what type of leaders we will be, and what type of Nation we will be. History will be the final judge of yesterday’s vote and of that, I am certain. The Senate’s verdict is a dark day for this institution but I still have hope. Hope because I believe in the memory and spirit of the generations of Americans who have served and sacrificed so much for our country.”