Ahead of Trip to Normandy for 75th Anniversary, Crow Hosts D-Day Remembrance Ceremony for Colorado Veterans

June 3, 2019
Press Release
Veterans Certified an American Flag that Rep. Crow Will Bring to Normandy This Week in Memory of WWII Servicemembers

AURORA, CO - On Saturday, Rep. Jason Crow (CO-6) hosted a D-Day remembrance ceremony for veterans living at the Colorado State Veterans Home at Fitzsimons. Rep. Crow will bring the flag to Normandy later this week in memory and honor of the servicemembers who fought at the D-Day invasion on its 75th anniversary.

At the event, veterans signed a document to certify the flag, which has travelled to the sites of the U.S.S. Arizona and the U.S.S. Utah. The document read:

In memory of the brave soldiers who stormed the shores of Normandy in 1944 during World War II, Representative Jason Crow of Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District presents this American flag to the Veterans Community Living Center at Fitzsimons. This American flag was carried by a veteran of the War in Afghanistan to the sites of the U.S.S. Arizona and the U.S.S. Utah and brought to Normandy on the 75th anniversary of D-Day by Representative Crow, a former Army Ranger.

It is our duty to remember, honor, and serve our veterans of past and present and continue to inspire future generations by the courage, character, and leadership of our nation’s heroes.

DDay Veterans Certifying Flag

Crow has a personal connection to the D-DAY anniversary, both of the units that he served with in Iraq and Afghanistan, the 82nd Airborne Division and the 75th Ranger Regiment, fought at the invasion in Normandy. Some companies in the 75th Ranger Regiment, under intense fire, famously scaled a 100-foot rock face to win the battle of Pointe du Hoc, destroying a battery of long-range guns.

The Ranger’s motto, “Rangers Lead the Way,” was coined during the attack at Omaha beach. During the assault, Brigadier General Norman Cota asked Major Max Schneider which unit he belonged to.  When someone replied that they were the 5th Ranger Battalion, Cota said, “Well, god damn it, if you’re Rangers, lead the way!”

“On D-Day, brave servicemembers attacked the beaches of Normandy, carrying with them the torch of liberty into Europe. Today, and every day, we honor those who sacrificed their lives by continuing their legacy -- protecting our country and the democratic values it represents,” said Jason Crow.

The signing ceremony was followed by a brief roundtable discussion of veteran issues. Afterwards, Rep. Crow toured the facility.

Even before he was involved in politics, Crow was already advocating for Colorado’s veterans. He was instrumental in helping bring the new VA Medical Center to Aurora and volunteered his time to mentor veterans during their transition to civilian life. Crow also volunteered hundreds of hours of pro-bono legal services to help grow programs that address veterans’ substance abuse. Now, in Congress, Crow continues his veterans advocacy work. Among other pieces of legislation, he has cosponsored bills to support veterans living in a state of homelessness, reduce VA wait times, and protect and expand benefits for veterans and military families.