Congressman Crow, fellow House Dems, tour Aurora GEO facility and cite medical deficiencies

July 23, 2019
In The News

The Aurora immigration detention center is lacking top medical staff, according to a handful of Colorado congressional Democrats who toured the facility on Monday.

Crow, who announced earlier this month he or his staff would be touring the center weekly for oversight purposes, was joined by Colorado Democratic congress members Diana DeGette, Joe Neguse and Ed Perlmutter. 

“Many of the senior positions in the health unit, including the top two positions, are currently vacant, as well as psychologists,” Crow said in a news conference following the tour. “And these vacancies, we believe, are causing some of these delays in adequate medical attention.”

Crow said there was one psychologist vacancy and the health services administrator for the facility and the deputy administrator positions are vacant...

The visit was part of Crow’s overarching effort to bring more oversight to the detention center. 

“The truth is we don’t expect this administration to act and hold ICE accountable,” Crow said. “This is a boots on the ground effort to fill in those gaps of oversight, and I’m sure we’re doing everything we can to increase oversight and improve conditions at these facilities.”

A spokeswoman for Crow said the three Democratic representatives touring the facility with him had reached out about visiting the facility. 

“We didn’t hear from any Republicans, but would love to have them come for future visits,” she said.

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