Local Economy & Small Business

Colorado’s economy continues to grow, and much of that growth is directly attributable to the Sixth Congressional District: we boast large health care, technology, financial, and educational institutions, Buckley Air Force Base and its partners in the aerospace industry, and thousands of enterprising small businesses. Together, we’ve made Colorado one of the most vibrant and fastest growing economies in the United States.


But Colorado’s strong economy and low unemployment are only half the picture as many residents continue to work multiple jobs to make ends meet and secure the same benefits that many of our grandparents and parents had. That’s why Jason is fighting to raise the minimum wage, supports the Paycheck Fairness Act to address the gender wage gap, and has stood with retirees in his support for the Rehabilitation for Multiemployer Pensions Act to save workers’ hard-earned pensions. 


Jason understands that the best ideas -- and the most pressing issues -- are local and that the priorities of the office must be driven by the needs of the district. That is why he has unveiled his “Lead Locally” initiative. Through this initiative, Jason and his team visit a new municipality in the district each month to learn more about the unique challenges they face and bring those ideas back to Washington to solve problems for the 6th district. Working closely with mayors, city managers, and residents, Jason has fought for federal funding for Colorado’s communities, led letters to federal agencies calling for infrastructure improvements such as recent flight path changes at Centennial Airport, and supported specific grant opportunities. 


As Chairman of the Small Business Committee Subcommittee on Workforce and Innovation, Jason is particularly focused on helping small businesses and start-ups reach their full growth potential. As the son of a small business owner, Jason understands that aspiring entrepreneurs must have access to resources, a talented workforce, and certainty in order to tackle their unique challenges, create new jobs, and continue to build our economy. That is why he introduced -- and the House passed -- the SBA Cyber Awareness Act, which helps ensure that the Small Business Administration, and the small businesses it serves, have the tools they need to prevent cyberattacks.


Jason is working every day to build coalitions and work with local, state, and federal officials -- and the whole Colorado delegation -- to support our vibrant industry, growing economy, and the livelihood of everyone in Colorado’s Sixth District.