Good Government

Jason understands that trust in our system is at an all-time-low. Our campaign finance system is broken, our weakened voting rights laws are under attack every day, and our leaders in Washington are rarely held accountable.


As an Army Ranger, Jason fought proudly to uphold our shared values -- that every American deserves a voice in our system. In Iraq and Afghanistan, Jason saw firsthand what happens when people lose faith in the system and the hopelessness that people feel when they believe the government is rigged. As a member of Congress, Jason recognizes that the values he fought for overseas are under now under assault at home. Because of money in politics and Citizens United, Congress has failed to act on climate change, on gun violence, on the opioid epidemic and on so many other critical issues facing our democracy.


That’s why Jason is fighting to strengthen our campaign finance laws and give more Americans access to the ballot box. Jason supports getting dark money out of our elections, overturning Citizens United, fixing the Voting Rights Act, automatic voter registration, and holding members of Congress accountable to the people they represent. As a freshman member, Jason played a key role in the passage of H.R.1, the For the People Act, leading a letter calling on House Leadership to make reform a top priority for the new Congress. 


Jason’s first bill as a member of Congress was the End Dark Money Act, a bill designed to crack down on dark money organization by stopping the abuse of social welfare organizations by mega-donors who use 501(c) organizations to hide their political contributions. 


As a member of Congress, Jason holds himself and his office to the highest standards of ethics, accountability, and transparency. Jason is one of the few members of Congress to post his daily congressional office meeting calendar, has committed to hosting at least one town hall per quarter, and hosts regular “Crow on Your Corner” town hall events across the district.