Transportation & Infrastructure

Across the country, our bridges, roads, railroads, and public transit systems are in dire need of investment. Coloradans have seen this first hand as our infrastructure fails to keep up with our rapid growth creating traffic jams across the Denver metro region. And it’s not just transportation -- our water, sewer, telecommunications, and energy infrastructure are also not keeping pace with residential and commercial demand. 


For years, infrastructure investment has been subject to partisan gridlock in Washington. We can -- and must -- do better.


As co-chair of the New Democrat Coalition’s Infrastructure Task Force, Jason is fighting for infrastructure investment every day. He has called on President Trump to return to the negotiating table and work with Congress to enact a broad, fair, and bold infrastructure program that will put Americans to work, fix the funding shortfall, enhance climate resilience, and reduce pollution and carbon emissions.


Jason stands ready to work with local, state, and other transportation partners -- like the Denver International Airport and RTD -- to ensure that more federal money comes back to Colorado’s Sixth District. Our team in Colorado and Washington are able to assist interested parties in identifying opportunities and supporting applications for grant funding and financing. Through investment in America’s infrastructure, we can help meet the needs of our growing community and strengthen Colorados’ economy.