Crow Reaffirms Call for Establishment of Military-to-Military Hotline with Iran to Avoid Misunderstanding During Increased Tensions

June 24, 2019
Press Release

Following last week’s news that President Trump called off a military strike against Iran amid the rising tensions, Rep. Jason Crow (CO-06) issued the following statement:

“We cannot afford to stumble into war with Iran or allow a misunderstanding between our forces to escalate into conflict. We need a measured and strategic response from the President, and that requires that he articulate our goals and interests.

“We are now in the longest period of American history without a confirmed Secretary of Defense and many other senior positions at the Pentagon are vacant.  With this leadership void, it’s important that Congress continues to assert itself in matters of war and diplomacy.  We must be a counterbalance to this administration’s continued saber rattling.

“That’s why I reassert my call for the establishment of a military-to-military hotline with Iran to ensure a line of communication between American and Iranian forces. As an Army Ranger, I saw the true cost of war and understand that force should always be a last resort. Instead of tweeting out war plans, the President must take concrete steps to avoid a miscalculation and pursue diplomatic solutions.”

In addition to calling for a military-to-military hotline, Crow joined over 100 House members in a letter to the President stating that Congress has not authorized the use of force against Iran and cautioned against calls for direct military action from his advisors.

A former Army Ranger who served three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Crow is a member of the House Armed Services Committee.