Crow Statement on President Biden’s Remarks on Drawdown Efforts in Afghanistan

July 8, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON - Congressman Jason Crow (CO-06) released the following statement after President Biden’s remarks about U.S. withdrawal efforts in Afghanistan.

“My own service in Afghanistan made it clear to me that if there was a military solution to the war in Afghanistan, we would have found one years ago. That’s why I’ve supported President Biden’s decision to withdraw U.S. combat forces and finally bring our longest war to an end. 

“Today, President Biden committed to an evacuation of Afghan interpreters and other partners who are now at risk and promised them they have a home here in the United States if they choose. I will continue to work closely with the Administration to honor our promises and protect the partners who stood alongside us. Last week, the House passed the HOPE Act to expedite the visa process and I look forward to the House taking up the ALLIES Act to increase the visa cap when we return to Washington. 

“We will continue to debate the politics of the war in Afghanistan for years to come. What is not up for debate is the debt of gratitude we owe American service members for their service to this country. Today, my thoughts are with them, those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and military families across the country.” 


Congressman Crow started the bipartisan Honoring our Promises Working Group in April to engage with the Administration and expedite legislative efforts to protect Afghan partners. Last month, Crow introduced the ALLIES Act, bipartisan legislation that would increase the Afghan SIV cap by an additional 8,000 visas and remove burdensome application requirements that slow down the application process. In May, Crow introduced the HOPE for Afghan SIVs Act, bipartisan legislation to temporarily waive the medical examination requirement for SIV applicants, which is cost prohibitive and difficult for many applicants to safely receive.